Before contacting me, please read about my policies and prices below. A link to the contact form is at the bottom of this page. 

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Prices and Policies

Full Length Books: Memoirs, Autobiographies, Novels, Non-Fiction

How we work together:

First, we will have a free initial consultation. We can talk over the phone, or skype.

During this initial consultation, you can ask me any questions you have, and I will ask for a general overview of what your book is about.

If you are happy with the consultation, the next step is we work together on a letter of agreement. This is where we discuss things like how much confidentiality you want, how often you will review what I’ve written so I can make any necessary changes, how you will pay me, and anything else, so we know we’re on the same page. (Pun unintended) It’s always best to get it in writing.

I‘m pretty flexible as to how I get paid. One good way, is we can come up with an estimate of how many chapters your book will be. We can then divide the total cost of writing your book by the number of chapters. You can pay me after each chapter once it meets your approval. If you have another idea as to how you would like to pay me, I’m open to listening, as long as I’m being paid consistently along the way, as I’m working on your book

We can work on the letter of agreement during the initial consultation, or we can schedule another consultation to do this. In addition to the letter of agreement, I will need a retainer of ten percent to get started.

Once we’ve done that, we will schedule another consultation so you can give me any information I need to write the book. We will have as many consultations as necessary. I can also work with any written material you may have.

Everything I write must meet your approval. You will review my writing as we go along, and let me know if you are satisfied, or if there’s anything you’d like me to change.


I offer 3 basic full-length book packages, for books approximately 40,000 to 60,000 words (160 to 240 pages)


Each of these packages include the option of 130 hours of consultation and or research time if needed, and two revisions per chapter.


Package A: Shared Credit- $16,000

 In this option, we share the credit for the book. The cover of the book will say, “By, YOUR NAME with Henia Kahan” Or “YOUR NAME as told to Henia Kahan”


Package B: Partial Confidentiality- $20,000

Only your name will appear on the book, but you agree to allow me to disclose my involvement in writing your book to potential clients. It is up to you how you will allow me to disclose this, whether I can use your book as a sample on my website or what.


Package C: Full Confidentiality- $24,000 

The agreement letter will say that I must not tell anybody about my involvement in your book. My name will not appear on the cover, or anywhere else in the book. I will not include your book as a sample on my website or anywhere else, and neither will I mention your book to potential clients.

If the estimated length of your book is significantly less than 40,000 words (160 pages) or more than 60,000 words (240 pages) please contact me and we will come up with a price.

 If during the course of writing your book, the consultation/research time goes over 130 hours, I then bill at a rate of $40 an hour for any additional research or consultations.

More than two revisions per chapter are billed at $40 per hour. 



50 pages or less- $100 a page. 



I do Line Editing for $3.00 a double spaced page. A double spaced page in point 12 font comes out to approximately 250 words a page.  If your manuscript requires more editing than usual, I may charge somewhat more. I will look over your manuscript and tell you what the cost per page will be. If you are satisfied with the price, I will then send you a one or two page sample of my edits. If you are happy with my work, I will ask for a deposit before getting started.


Contact me to schedule your free initial no obligation consultation, or to ask me any questions

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