• Tzipora Goldstein
    Mortgage Loan Processor at Landmark Funding Group

    I used Henia’s ghostwriting services to edit my novel – what a blessing! Henia gave me great feedback, grammar critique, even copy editing advice, all for a reasonable price. And nice turn times too. I will definitely have to use this service again….

 Don’t need a ghostwriter because your book is already written? Well congratulations!

Now that your manuscript is completed, it’s a good idea to have someone look over your book and point out mistakes you may not have noticed, and to make suggestions you may not have thought about. No matter how well written your book may be, it’s almost impossible to be objective about your own work. That is why it’s always good to have a second pair of eyes look at it.

I do Line Editing. I look at each sentence and make sure its grammatically correct and punctuated properly. I eliminate unnecessary words that detract from the impact of your story. I make adjustments when I see that a word or phrase is being used too many times. I also point out to you when I see an inconsistency in your story or if something appears illogical, by inserting my comments.

I do all this while keeping your story and your voice intact.

You always have complete control of your work. You make the final decision about which editorial changes are kept in the final draft. I never delete any of your words. If I think a word, phrase, or sentence should be deleted, I either highlight it or strike it out, and put my suggested changes and comments in color font.Once you get the manuscript from me, you can accept or reject any editorial changes or suggestions I made.

I charge $3.00 a double-spaced page which is approximately 250 words. If your manuscript will take longer than usual to edit, I may charge somewhat more. I will look over your manuscript and let you know what the cost per page will be. If you are satisfied with the price, I will edit one or two sample pages at no cost so you can see if you are happy with my work.